Sweet Potato Chips

Tonight I was after a healthy little treat. I love potato chips, but I’m trying to be good, so I tried to make my own sweet potato chips instead.

Yum! So easy, and so tasty! These will become a regular treat for me.


Sweet Potato Chips

1 Medium Sweet Potato (skin on)
Olive Oil to fry
Salt to sprinkle on top (optional)

Use a mandolin slicer or slice option on a food processor to slice thinly.
Fry a few slices each time, until you do the whole lot.
Set aside on paper towel to drain any excess oil. Chips will crisp up while draining.
If desired, sprinkle with salt and enjoy.

My kids loved them (should have waited till they were in bed) and suggested these would make a great school snack…which I agree they would. They would also be yum with some dip.


Kitchen Reno


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