Paleo Challenge – Who’s Interested?

Today marked 6.5months of me eating Paleo and feeling great!

In recent weeks I have had so much interest in my recipes that I share and lots of positive feedback about people trying Paleo meals and loving it. It got me thinking…

Who would be interested in a Paleo Challenge? A month of recipes I share for you to create and enjoy.

Paleo-challengeThe aim would be to inspire you not to change your life radically (but hey if at the end you want to then that would be great), but just trying the meals, realising the benefits you’ll feel and eating some yummy healthy meals with your family.

There would be some exercise involved. I can’t make you do that part, but I can encourage you. In order to feel the benefits and live a cleaner life exercise is a factor. It doesn’t have to be a marathon, just something like 1/2 hour walk 3 times a week or more if you can.

The challenge would be for the month of January, a great time of year to get out and get active and eat healthy.

What do you think? Who would love to take part and follow along?

Kitchen Reno


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