Paleo Challenge Day 16 – Zucchini Spaghetti, How To

If your a household that eats a lot of pasta you will definitely want to try this alternate. Its grain free, wheat free, dairy free and its a vegetable! An original superfood. Before starting to eat Paleo I wouldn’t have thought of turning vegetable into pasta or rice alternatives, but they give so much flavour and are delicious.

Today I thought I would ‘show’ you how I make my zucchini spaghetti or noodles. I’ve just got a new little toy so I will show you two ways you can make them.


Firstly; using my new toy…the Veggie Twister. This tool allows me to create spaghetti or flat noodle shapes.


There are a few types of tools that will do this for you, I found the Veggie Twister very easy to use and inexpensive compared to others. All you have to do is put lengths of the vegetable in it and twist. There is no need for super human strength and you get a lot of noodle from it.

Secondly; I started the simple way when I first started making these pasta alternatives. Here is a step-by-step for you using a veggie peeler.

Remove top and bottom ends. Peel off most of the green outer skin.

Peel off strips that are fettucine size. Move around as you peel off the strips to keep them even..

Until you get to the seeds. (the centre can be used in other parts of your cooking, don’t waste it)
One zucchini will serve one adult.

To cook:

  1. Place your zucchini spaghetti/noodles in a bowl and drizzle with a little olive oil. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on and toss using your fingers to make sure the oil evenly coats the noodles.
  2. Heat a pot or pan to med-high.
  3. Place the zucchini strips in and with tongs gently pick up and rotate the noodles in the pot. There is enough oil coating them that they wont stick, but you must keep moving them.
  4. Toss them for about 2mins, they will change colour slightly to become whiter.
  5. Serve them immediately.

These are delicious with your favourite bolognese sauce, with pesto tossed through or served with meatballs. The possibilities are endless. You could also use them as noodles in your next asian meal e.g. stir fry.

Tomorrow I will share my easy meatballs recipe that I serve with these.

Brooke x 

4 thoughts on “Paleo Challenge Day 16 – Zucchini Spaghetti, How To

  1. Ohh, I’m a bit excited about this post – I’ve got that exact Betty Bossi doo-dad & have never thought about making veggie pasta with it. Until now I’ve only used it for salads. I can’t wait to give this a go.
    Ps – I’m really enjoying this challenge, have been sugar free since it started (I am already GF, but still struggling to totally give up the grains) & although I haven’t made every dish, I’ve made most & they have been delicious! I am sleeping better, have way more energy and no more mid afternoon slumps. It’s really great!

    • Well done Kath! Thats so great to hear. Your blood sugar levels sound like they are balancing out. GF is better, its just about challenging yourself to think outside the box and try to replace those grains with something that hasn’t passed through a factory.

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