Healthy Paleo Lunch Box Idea’s (Nut Free)

Over the course of this week I have decided to share with you some Paleo recipes that are suitable for the kiddies (and parents) lunch boxes. We are always on the look out for new healthy recipes that our kids don’t get bored with easily, am I right?

I know, I know, the last couple of weeks everyone has been sharing lunch box ideas, and you got excited right? Thought, ‘thats going to be me this year!’ Well I decided to hold off until the momentum subsided (as it always does) and the grind of things starts to get to you again.

The bittersweet excitement of seeing your children off to school for the first time or moving up to a new grade has passed and now you have to think about all those uniforms to wash and iron, the brushing and braiding of hair (mostly the girls of course), the running around to after school sports and those lunch boxes….


Throughout this week, I will be giving you 5 simple recipes that are all nut free and can be made in advance; think night before or even weekend prior. This is one thing you can you don’t have to worry about, one thing less that you have to fit into your already busy day.

Ok, I know a lot of kids are also fussy eaters, but I think they will be more than happy with these treats (that you and I know are actually good for them). I only wish I had had some of these in my lunch box growing up.

The recipes, of course, can all be used as meals, snacks and some even a great idea as party food. Please try them, let me know how they went and what the kids thought. You can either leave a comment here or on the pages Facebook page.



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