Healthy Lunch Box Day 4 – Dried Fruit Balls (nut free)

We all know that balls and bites are super popular at the moment. I think the popularity has come from being quick and easy to make, great finger food and the convenience. When your busy and want to grab a healthy snack these balls are perfect. Kids also love them!

I have already shared three ball/bite recipes with you as part of the Paleo Challenge here. Now I’m sharing another with you that can be done two ways, is dairy/nut/grain/gluten/sugar free.


Dried Fruit Balls (nut free)

1 cup dates
1 cup dried apricots OR sultanas
1 cup desiccated coconut (extra for rolling)
1 Tbsp Tahini
2 tspn cacao powder

Pop all of the ingredients into the TM bowl (or your food processor) and mix until its finely chopped. Scape down the sides.
Then keep mixing speed 8 for about 5 – 10 secs or until it becomes moist and sticks together.
Roll 1 tablespoon of the mixture into a ball. Coat ball in extra coconut.
Let sit for 1/2 hour to set before eating (if you can wait that long)
Store in an air tight container.

Its really that simple to have a simple, healthy treat for their lunch boxes that you know wont be left uneaten.




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