21 Day Sugar Detox – Update Week 1

Earlier in the week I wrote to let you all know I was taking part in the 21 Day Sugar Detox (DSD) again. After my holiday I felt lethargic, I knew I had eaten gluten free products that weren’t my usual choices. Here’s the original post if you want to take a look.

Today marks day six in my detox and the end of week one, so I’m here to share with you what I have been eating, how I have been feeling and any other things that I have noticed.

Here’s whats been on my plate.






2 eggs poached and 2 rashes of bacon

3 x mini crustless quiches (recipe on blog)

Golden Curried Chicken Stew w cauli-rice

Biltong beef jerky, small handful


Crustless quiche & banana & avocado smoothie (recipe on blog)

4 x mini crustless quiches (recipe on blog)

Surf N Turf: rump steak, prawns, paleo lemon aioli w sweet potato chips

Biltong beef jerky, small handful


Leftover crustless quiche

Garden salad w poached chicken and homemade paleo lemon aioli.

Lemon & Artichoke Crispy Chicken & Root Vegetables (recipe coming to blog)


Chia pudding w banana, walnuts and bee pollen. (recipe on blog)

Leftover Golden Curried Chicken Stew w cauli-rice (recipe on blog)

Chili Con Carne w guacamole (recipe on blog)


4 eggs scrambled in ghee.

Green salad, roast chicken and homemade paleo lemon aioli.

(Out to Dinner) Curry with a little rice.


2 eggs poached, 2 rashes of bacon and a bacon burger

(Out to Lunch) Nachos, no dairy, plain tomato salsa and guacamole.

Roast beef w mustard jus, mashed sweet potato and steamed veggies.

You’ll notice that I had to go out for dinner for a celebration on day 5 and out to lunch on day 6. I tried to make the best gluten free choices while I was out. Its hard when you are on a detox and have to eat out, but I’m not being too hard on myself. We make the best choices we can.


As you can tell by the food table that I have been keeping this week, I haven’t included many snacks. This is purely because I haven’t been hungry enough to want to snack. My meals have kept me feeling full enough that I haven’t felt the need.


I didn’t weigh myself on the first day. While I hope to lose a little weight while doing this, its not my reason for doing it and certainly not what I am concentrating on. I want to feel less bloated, lighter and the best that I know my body can. I did weigh myself about half way through this week, though, so we will see as I progress if there is a loss.

How is it different this time around to the first 21 DSD that I complete?

Originally, I strictly stuck to the 21 DSD meal planner. This time I have used all my own meals, with some inspiration from a few of the books recipes. I have tried to stick to the rules of staying away from many fruits and natural sweeteners to help keep me from craving sweet things. Natural sugars can still have the same result as artificial or processed sugars.

At this stage in my first detox, I was feeling the effects of cutting out all sweeteners and was suffering flu like symptoms, which is normal in the process. This time around, I haven’t yet suffered the flu symptoms. I think this is due to the fact that yes I had some artificial sweeteners, from the packaged gluten free products in my system, I really hadn’t gone too nuts. My sugar levels wouldn’t have been as high as they were originally.

Its all going very positively and almost a little too easy (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that). Aside from the times I had to eat out, it wasn’t difficult to cut out the sweet stuff. Come back next week for the next update and see if I am still feeling so positive.

Brooke x


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