FMS Photo A Day Update – Week 1

So I was telling you here how I have challenged myself to take part in Fat Mum Slims (FMS) Photo A Day Challenge for September. However, I am taking it one step further and I have to use her daily prompts to inspire a photo using healthy food.

Well I have made it through the first week. I haven’t missed a day (my biggest challenge). There were a few days where I had to really think about it though, but its been fun. I won’t be winning any photography competitions thats for sure, but my aim to to make people just look at a different option, a healthier one.

So here is my recap of the first week…

1 02


You can follow along my Instagram journey, just search for @evolvedpaleo. I share lots of my meals and food inspiration over there. You’ll find my little explanation for each shot there too.

If you are also taking part in the FMS Photo A Day September challenge let me know by commenting below and I will come and check out your account.

I’ll try and work on some of my shots being a bit better this week…I promise.

Brooke x


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