21 Day Sugar Detox – Update Week 2

This week is week two of my 21 Day Sugar Detox. It has been another busy week for me, with a lot of meals having to be quick or pre planned. I don’t think I referred to the 21 Day Sugar Detox books at all this week. I think this is purely to do with me trying to make quick meals with the ingredients I had on hand.

Here’s whats been on my plate the last week.






 3 eggs, scrambled                                          

Leftover roast beef  

Asian chicken thighs with caulirice & steamed pak choy & mushrooms (recipe coming to blog)


3 eggs, poached & 2 rashes

Smoked salmon sushi rolls
(no rice)

Asian dumpling balls in beef bone broth

Day 9

Chia pudding with banana, walnuts & bee pollen

Warm pumpkin, spinach, caulirice salad with walnuts

Dukkah lamb chops with homemade paleo coleslaw (recipe for coleslaw on the blog)

Day 10

CADA – Coconut, Apple, Dates, & Almonds

Guacamole on garden salad

Meatballs with zucchini pasta/noodles (recipe on the blog)

Day 11

 Scrambled eggs, tomato, bacon, & chives. Plus banana smoothie.

Guacamole on chicken salad

Chili Con Carne w guacamole (recipe on blog)

Day 12

Chia pudding with banana, walnuts & bee pollen

Grilled chicken breast with garden salad

(out for lunch)

Salt & pepper grilled calamari with tangy garden salad (out for dinner)

Day 13        

2 poached eggs, bacon, spinach and hollandaise sauce (out for breakfast)

Homemade potato wedges

Paleo pizza with varied toppings (recipe on the blog)

You will notice that I mentioned I was out for dinner and lunch around Day 12 and 13. This is because I was traveling and had to do the best I could with what and where we were at the time. I have to say that I managed to find something that I could eat at most places, but I was certainly sick of the site of salads by the end of the week. I think I must have been feeling a little lazy (or super busy) this week, because I made a lot of quick salads for lunch. I need a holiday from salads though, so it will be interesting to see what I can whip up quickly this week instead.


I didn’t have any snacks this week. I know that may be hard to believe, but I felt sated with my meals, my blood sugars were stable and therefore I just wasn’t hungry. This is a big benefit of eating Paleo that I have noticed. Snacking just isn’t a big priority, and if you are still finding yourself hungry or nibbling in-between meals you might want to look at if you are eating enough, or add a little more protein and/or good fat to your diets to correct it.


If your aim is to lose weight, you will still manage this by increasing your protein and good fats. Its all about finding that balance between what your body needs to fuel it for how active you are.

I personally have sat at the same weight for the week. This is fine with me, because I am not trying to lose weight as the main goal for me completing the detox. In saying that my weight is maintain, I have felt less bloated again, but also included some more weight back into my workouts at the gym.

How am I feeling?

Aside from how busy my week has been, I have been feeling really positive again this week. While I was away on the weekend I was able to relax some and enjoyed spending the quality time with family and friends.

Otherwise my stomach has been feeling good, my head has been clear (which was good considering my workload) and there have been still no signs of the sugar detox withdrawals, so I safely made it past that. Obviously, there wasn’t a large amount of sweeteners in my diet, but if this was first time around again, I would have noticed some of those symptoms. If you are trying this for the first time, be prepared for them and expect them, it is therefore much easier to deal with then.

Overall, another good week and I can see the finish line ahead.

Brooke x


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