FMS Photo A Day Update – Fail

I have been missing in action a little the last week. My time was consumed with a local market that I coordinate, took place on the weekend. It will hopefully be taking up a lot less of my time from now on. I’m gradually shifting the direction of my commitments to those that I am really passionate about at the moment, and thats my studies and my blog. Sharing with you the ease of living paleo and the benefits.

In an attempt to continue to do that, I set myself the task for September to take part in Fat Mum Slims photo a day challenge. Except I was going to put my own spin on it and make each of the prompts refer to my food. Well, I gave it a go….and I failed!

I just couldn’t keep up with it and all the other things that I had on my plate this month. I know you can all relate. I gave it a good go, got about half way through the month, and then just let it slide.

I think it is important to acknowledge when you have attempted something and haven’t achieved what you wanted to. So I’m not going to pretend I can do it all, I can’t. This challenge was the one small thing that I had to let go.

I will certainly give it a go another time, it was fun, but perhaps when I don’t have so much on.

Here’s my favourite shot from the half a month I managed to get through:


I love the lightness of the shot and the prompt ‘need’ was one of the easiest for me. I ‘need’ good, wholesome food daily.

Don’t be afraid to give something a go and don’t be afraid of failure. It shows you how not to go about it the next time.

Brooke x

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