I’m back and I’m all fired up!

I’m back! Its been a tough few of weeks juggling an increased work load with my business, but its demands on me are coming back to normal and I can get back to life. Yay!

I haven’t been waisting my time though. Any chance I could get I was learning from podcasts, health summits and video interviews with an array of health professionals. It might sound crazy to be so busy and want to keep including these tools, but nutrition and health is my passion and I want to learn as much as possible.

All of the hard work came to an end at a four day event this past weekend. On top of the workload, I had a hard time attending the event. Being away from home, away from my kitchen and food, in an uncomfortable bed with too much noise and light to get any decent sleep, I was going a little crazy. Yep, I am tired, I didn’t get to eat the best food, and it really effects me. I’m so happy to be home and catching up on sleep and eating real food again.

I’ve also been spending my time planning for the blog. Lots of recipes and also many nutritional topics to share with you. I’m so fired up to make this blog more. To give it more and to share more with you to help your journey and my own.

So keep posted by joining the mailing list (found in the righthand side bar) or you can also follow me on Facebook.

Brooke x


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