Another Year Comes To An End, But What A Year!

As 2014 comes to an end, like everyone else, I look back on the year that has passed. What a year its been!

2014 saw me follow my passion and start studying part time in the subject of Nutritional Medicine. Its been a huge thing for me to return to studying, especially balancing it with my small handmade business, blogging and life in general.

I’ve celebrated my one year anniversary of eating Paleo (its been about 16months or more now). Throughout that time, I’ve seen the positive changes that eating healthy in this way has had for myself and my family. This has been the most exciting thing for me. I’ve met idols from the Paleo community, eaten many new types of food, and tried new forms of exercise. Overall, the year has been jammed packed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The new year will see a few big changes for me.

In 2015 I am selling my handmade business, so that I can concentrate further on my studies and devote more time to sharing on my blog. I will be devoting more time to posting delicious, easy recipes, including using the Thermomix, that can help you make the switch to Paleo, or continue your healthy eating. Also, some tips on how to consider and include more nutritional information in your eating style. I plan to make the posts more regular and include detailed photos and information.

I’m starting the year 2015 by sharing my Paleo Challenge that I posted for the entire month of January 2014. If you want to join in on receiving the recipes each day, pop over to my Facebook page where I’ll be sharing them.

I want to thank you all for your ongoing support throughout the year. I still get a little excited to hear how you enjoy the recipes, so please don’t forget to comment. As well as Facebook, you can follow all the new fun coming to the blog by subscribing (top of right menu) or follow along on Instagram.

I personally hope you all celebrate a safe and happy new years eve, and heres to the new year!

Brooke x


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