New Years Resolutions – Have You Set Yours?

The new year is here. We have celebrated the Christmas season (possibly eating a little too much). We’ve said goodbye to one year and hello to a new one. We have looked in the mirror and decided we need to make a positive change, the change we have been talking about for some time, but was waiting for the ‘right’ moment. Well that moment is here.

The new year offers so much opportunity to be whatever you want it to be. Its a blank canvas that you can decorate any way you choose. You’ve made that new years resolution and this year you are going to make it count. Right?


Some of the most common new years resolutions have to be to lose weight, eat healthy, get fit.

Lets face it, most of you have found this blog or similar because you have been looking to eat better for your health or performance. That’s great. The problem is that most of you are not sure where to start, you set unrealistic or unmeasurable goals, that leave you feeling like you have failed before you have begun. I want you to take those resolutions and give them a little shake up. Make sure they are right for you. Make sure they fit with what you can manage and will allow you to achieve them.

Perhaps that big new years resolution is to start eating Paleo. Well welcome to the group! Remember though, you need to think about how you approach it. Some people can go cold turkey and it works for them. They go into it head first and never turn back. For some, thats too hard. Start by eliminating the packaged, processed foods. Maybe start by going sugar free, then gluten free, or dairy free. Take small steps that are less daunting. Once you start to feel comfortable in what you can do and choose not to eat, you can taylor this style of eating for you. No one is perfect and don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon, just jump right back on.

If you strive to get fit, look at your body type, any limitations you have (injuries), and seek some preferably professional advice. Now that could be a coach, personal trainer, or even these days a group training program online. While you might be able to motivate yourself for a few weeks, unless you have that exercise addict gene, you will find excuses and the frequency will peter off. A trainer, coach or group (or friend) can offer you support and make you feel accountable so that you create a routine that you can maintain. Remember not to over do it at the beginning though. Create a routine that you can manage all year long.

Many of you will have the goal to lose weight. If this is the case, then break that overall big number you’d like to lose down to small amounts. This way as you achieve them you can reset to the next small amount. For example; if you want to lose 10kg, set a first goal of 5kg by a certain date. Then when you achieve that you will feel motivated and can set the next goal for the second 5kg. However you want to break it up. But, for instance, if you are heavily overweight and tell yourself  you need to lose 40kg’s thats going to seem impossible. Break it down.

Once you have made sure your resolutions are achievable, look at the tools you might need to help you on your path. That might be talking to your family and friends to support you (especially if they think eating Paleo means just eating bacon), using a food journal to track what you eat and how it makes you feel, an app or device that allows you to track your fitness activity and/or weight loss. Just some of the suggestions for you.


That’s a resolution I might be able to keep.

I have personally just brought myself a Fitbit so that I can track my sleep and movement. I have a year ahead that will see me sitting at a desk more than I would like, so I am hoping it will keep me accountable for achieving those steps. In the past I have also used a food journal (like the Kikki K one here) that was very useful when I was suffering food related digestive symptoms. I could easily track which foods were causing which reactions. You might just feel motivated by getting some new runners.

Here’s a little motivation that I am looking to for the year of 2015.



Just by taking some time to look at your resolutions and work out what it would look like to achieve them will make then that much easier to strive towards. If you are equipped with the right mindset and tools to achieve your goals, then nothing can get in your way. Good luck!

Brooke x


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