I’m Home From Camping.

We have returned from our family camping trip with friends, and had a fabulous time. It was a week of old fashioned fun with the 9 kids we had in tow. With no power, tents not caravans, there was no ‘glamping’. We did very well, though, with what we had.

We spent a lot of our time at the beach, kids riding bikes, walking, a little sand dune surfing, fishing, playing soccer and cricket, card games, and chatting around the camp fire. It is what a holiday should be, relaxing and fun.

My daughter enjoying the sand dunes.

What did we eat? Well apart from all the things I talked about in my last post here, we enjoyed a lot of seafood. The kids caught squid off the local jetty the first two days we were there. One of our favourites here, we cooked it on the bbq and then the pan on the gas hob.

After diving our ‘hunters’ bought us a feed of periwinkles that we steamed and served with a garlic, ginger and chilli dipping sauce. This was the first time for me trying periwinkles. They were a lot of work to prepare, but they were delicious. I really enjoyed their taste.

IMG_7369Adventure Bay, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia.

Then there were the abalone. I like abalone, but have had some that were a bit tough and because of this they haven’t been high on my favourite seafood list. One night we enjoyed them thinly sliced and marinated in butter and garlic, cooked in the pan, and they were divine. By far my favourite abalone I have ever tried. There was much discussion about the best way to prepare them, I’m not sure if it made a difference, but these were tenderised by using a rock on them.

As well as these treats, they also managed to find some crayfish for us to enjoy. For me you can’t go past slicing a crayfish in half and grilling with garlic butter. They are one of the most sought after seafoods for a reason. They have such a fresh, creamy meat. We teamed all this each night with a lot of salads.


Eggs and bacon fuelled us each morning, well most mornings. We also enjoyed muffins a few mornings. Another highlight, for the kids mostly, might have been the fried banana’s I made one of the last nights when some of the banana’s had to be used up. I simple fried the slices of banana in butter in a hot pan with a drizzle of honey. I think it needs some perfecting though.

There was even a little time for aerial yoga.

I didn’t get many photo’s sadly, I actually managed to switch off a bit and forgot about my phone and that annoying camera.

Now its time to get back to reality, back to school for the kids next week, and back to study and recipe testing for me. I’m feeling happy to be home in my own bed and reunited with my Thermomix, but I love the memories we made as a family enjoying a beautiful part of our state and sharing locally caught and healthy food with our friends.

Brooke x

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