Birthday Celebrations & Cake Time

Its been a busy week or so in my house. My two children happen to celebrate their birthday’s just 10 days apart (who planned that?). Well, there is actually two years between them, but when you are celebrating with friends and family it can make for a busy time.

This year they are reaching the milestones of 10 and 8. The years have flown by so fast, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. They are two of the most special people I will ever have the privilege to meet. It is my honour to watch them grow, develop and support them in becoming the best version of themselves.


They were just a tad younger here.

All that gushy stuff aside, one of the hardest things I hear parents struggle with, is the food that is shared at birthday parties. Often it is ‘treat’ or ‘junk’ food. We feel we can manage the food our little people eat at home, but when it comes to a celebration everything falls apart. My best advice would be to ask the host if you can help by bringing a plate along. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t appreciate the help with catering for a party.

We ended up having two celebrations two weekends in a row. That meant two cakes.

I first thought about making this recipe for my Flourless Chocolate Cake, but its very fudgie and better for a group of adults maybe than a bunch of children. So I decided to turn my Chocolate Brownie (recipe here)  into a cake. Its proved itself again and again. Tried and tested, many times in my house.


Decorate how you like.

It was a hit. According to some of the guests it was “the best cake ever”.

Depending on the pan that you use it may take 5 minutes extra to make sure that the middle is cooked through properly, but you do still want it to be moist and not dry.

When it comes to these special occasions its ok to have a treat. It is a lot easier to manage if that treat is refined sugar free and grain free. This is definitely something we wouldn’t have all the time, its a recipe for those special treats.

I’d love to hear some of your healthy party ‘treats’, lets help those parents that have celebrations coming up to come up with some healthier paleo options.

Brooke x


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