Eating Out – Cafe Lola Expresso Has Opened

Eating out can be hard when your eating paleo. If you have been eating this way for a while, then you can probably navigate your way around a menu to suit your needs. Its not the case when your starting out though. I often am giving advise on what might be suitable to eat when your out and trying to stick to the paleo principals.

One thing I suggest is not to beat yourself up too much about being ‘perfect’. Unless you have dietary requirements, like coeliac disease, where a contamination is just out of the question, then you may have to make a choice as to what you are happy to eat. Its not that easy to find many restaurants that cook with coconut oil or tallow these days. Its about making the best choice you can with what you have.

It may sound very daunting to begin with, but if you can find a place that offers clean meals then you will feel much better with choosing to eat out and treating yourself.

Where I live (Hobart, Tasmania), there aren’t many options locally for a paleo based restaurant. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about a new cafe that was opening up that served paleo friendly food. Cafe Lola Express offers menu items that are both clean, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and paleo.

Cafe Lola 2The cafe has the same clean, fresh and funky look as the food they are preparing. 

I personally loved the philosophy cafe Lola Expresso shares:

“At lola we believe good food begins with sourcing locally and ethically, where ever possible, then preparing all our food fresh combining paleo and clean-food philosophies. Most importantly treating our food and customers with care, so you can enjoy being healthy and happy.”

Aside from the breakfast and lunch options, cafe Lola Express offers ‘Paleo Pods’. Here, you get to put together your favourite paleo flavours by selecting two bases, one protein and sides. I was there for lunch and I ordered sweet potato fritters cooked in coconut oil and a green salad as my bases, pulled pork as my protein, and a side of smashed avocado. It sounds simple, but it was beautifully seasoned and tasty.

Cafe LolaPhoto’s sourced from Lola Expresso website.

I especially liked the drinks options. We sampled their smoothies which were delicious and you have the added option of adding protein powder if you want too. There were many delicious paleo, vegetarian and gluten/dairy free treats on display. We didn’t sample these as I am still following the Whole30, but I definitely will be in the near future (once finished). These options would be ideal if you want to meet a friend for coffee and cake without the guilt.

The menu is very versatile, good sized portions, and well priced for such fresh and locally sourced food. The service was brilliant. I was so thrilled to find this new cafe and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve already planned the next trip for a breakfast date with the family soon, and yes it was very family friendly. They also offer take away too, if you are in a rush.

You don’t have to be paleo to enjoy it either. If you are local, or visiting, and want something fresh, clean, and locally sourced…then look no further. Head to the Lola Expresso cafe website to find out location details.

Brooke x

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