My Whole30 Update

Ok, so I committed to you all that I would update you with how the Whole30 was going for me….well here’s a post with the real truth. I had to re-start. Things were going well, until I had to go away to work and there were NO good food options for me. I had to travel for two days and work at an event with only the food vendor choices that were on offer. They weren’t the best options. Also, we were staying away from home and I didn’t have time or access to making something I could take along with me, so….I had to deviate from the Whole30.

Wondering what the Whole30 is? Here is my original post about taking part in the Whole30 and what it entails.

I didn’t beat myself up about it though. I made the best choice with what was on offer.

Did I then give up or throw the towel in? No. I thought to myself I have two options 1) I can continue on and just add a couple of extra days at the end or 2) I can restart it and continue on with no guilt. My issue with the first option was that it wouldn’t show me the true results. I most likely had a gluten contamination from those meals consumed while away and the results would have been altered by the inflammation etc this would have caused. Option 2 was my best choice. I could restart, and see the real results.

So that’s what I did. I started again the day that I got home and haven’t looked back.

I’m now on day 10 from my restart and its been great. I haven’t felt hungry, I’ve been eating real food, and I haven’t drunk any alcohol. My energy has been really good, although I haven’t seen much of a change to my sleep, which is one of the areas I was hoping might improve. My focus was never weight, but I have managed to lose just over 2 kgs. More importantly I feel strong. I can see the work I do at the gym converting to improvements on my body. My skin is staying clear and my bodies food reactions/symptoms have been non-existent.

Even though there was a hiccup in the road, I’m still very excited to now be a third of the way through. I’m sure many of you have tried to eat healthier, tried a specific type of eating and fallen off the band wagon because you couldn’t stick to it for whatever reason. You can now know it happens to all of us and sometimes its out of our control. The most important thing to take away from it is that not everyone is perfect (I’d argue no-one is), but when you hit a bump in the road just continue on with the good work and don’t stress about the slips. You will still see good results from doing the positive work.

Be ok with having to start again if you really want to achieve your goals. Lets be realistic, many people have spent most of their lives following the wrong health choices. One week isn’t going to stop you getting there. One bad meal isn’t going to end all the other good work you have put in to making those positive changes.

I’ll continue to keep updating you with how I travel with the next 20 days of my Whole30 journey. Have you tried the Whole30? How are you going with it? Have you slipped when trying to eat a certain way? I’d love to hear your stories below.

Brooke x


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