A Grain Free Lunch Box

In previous posts I have shared with you lunch box recipes that will keep your little ones full throughout their busy days. Today, I thought I would share with you what those grain free lunch boxes actually end up looking like.

All of these items can be prepared in advance and quickly popped into the lunch box by yourself or the child. Most mornings my cherubs actually put their snack items into their own lunch boxes. It gives them some feeling of control, allowing for their individuals tastes or preferences, but it is also one less thing for me to do on already busy mornings.


Most of us parents find lunches a chore. We are already rushed, trying to get our little ones dressed, control unruly hair, and feed them a healthy breakfast. By the time we get to making lunches we are already often running late.

We can be so keen at the beginning of the year as school returns, promising that we are going to make a better effort or to be more prepared. I think that for a little prep on the weekend you can keep those promises. Whipping up a batch or two of each of these snacks will see you through most of the week.

1My crustless quiches with carrot sticks. 

You can serve these crustless quiches either warm or cold. You can even make a big batch up, freeze them and just get them out maybe the night before. If I am warming them up, I will reheat them and put them into the kids Thermos containers (either 2 or 3) and they will stay warm for them until lunch.

2                                 A piece of fruit and my dairy and refined sugar free vanilla custard.

3Chunky Monkey Muffins (nut free) and Dried Fruit Balls (minus being rolled in coconut).

I hope that by sharing these posts with you it may inspire you to grab something other than a sandwich, a processed packet of biscuits, or a sugar fill commercial snack. None of these items are hard to make. If you are lucky enough to have a Thermomix (or equivalent) then you can make all the items pictured here, aside from the fruit and vegetables, in no time at all.

It doesn’t just have to be for the kids. This lunch box would also be just as popular with my husband as with the kids.

Please let me know if you would like to see more lunch box ideas in the comments below.

Brooke x


4 thoughts on “A Grain Free Lunch Box

  1. I have been trying to move to grain free lunches for the boys. I have four boys and it is way too expensive to buy packaged snacks!!! I have a thermomix and love posts like these for inspiration! At the moment the favourite staples are bunless burgers (paleo meatballs, spiralled zucchini & carrot, lettuce) and your banana and raspberry muffins 🙂

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