Food For Thought – Carbs

I constantly have people telling me they couldn’t eat Paleo. They couldn’t live without their carbs. They love their pasta too much. Really? They love those grain based products, like pasta and rice, that have been processed, have sugars added…. oh and have no taste? These ‘food like’ products are the ones that you want to hang on to and aren’t willing to give up?

Would you eat your spaghetti with nothing on it?

We cover our carbs with flavoursome fats and proteins and talk about how much we love our carbs. There’s no way that we could give them up. But, would you eat them by themselves? Would you eat a piece of toast with no butter or jam? Would you eat pasta with no marinara sauce and meatballs? Would you eat that burger if it was just the bun?

There is a reason you cover up those boring tasteless carbs with things that give them flavour…you’ve been told too. In my opinion, all they really offer is a ‘full’ belly feeling and a possible glucose spike.

How about eating those meatballs and marinara sauce by itself. It only seems weird because that’s what we have been sold by the big companies. Every good health reason they push as to why you should eat those carb products, can be sourced from animal or plant products. This includes fibre, energy and much more.

I’m not saying that you can never eat these things ever again. Ideally your diet and health is much better off without them in my opinion. If you just can’t live without them though, then treat them as just that, a ‘treat’. Have some when you go out for dinner with friends occasionally, but don’t treat them as a staple in your diet. Look for an alternative, for instance, ‘znoodles’/zucchini noodles, caulirice, or paleo ‘breads’.

Many vegetarians struggle to maintain their desired eating style or get sick often because they include to much of the processed carbs and not enough of the vegetables or fats. Which can also provide them with their protein needs.

The next time that you are struggling with the processed carb products, imagine eating that item by itself. That’s without sauce, without condiments, just as it is. Ask yourself “Is it something that is going to nourish me?” There are alternatives to all of these products that are super tasty and are made from nourishing food, like vegetables.

Brooke x

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