Paleo Cacao Mug Cake

We have knuckled down and been eating very clean paleo for the past week. Hubby and I both thought we needed to tidy up our eating and concentrate on portions, sweeteners, and making sure that we are getting enough carbohydrates, good fats and proteins. We have both up’d our efforts at the gym in the attempt to tone things up a bit more.

For me, I probably wasn’t getting enough fuel for the demands I have been putting on my body. For hubby, the balance probably wasn’t right and he found himself wanting to snack more. I don’t find these times too hard, but hubby can. He’s done very well so far, but last night he was struggling after ‘one of those days’. He admitted he really wanted some chocolate…the devil sugar monster was whispering in his head as it does for a lot of us. More often than not, we turn to food when we are stressed, emotional or tired. Am I right?

So, I said I had a little something that might help curb that craving for him. I had seen something similar a long time ago (I have no idea where apologies), so I made this one up quickly for the family. Yes, this wasn’t as clean as we wanted to be eating, but all of the ingredients are paleo and real food ingredients. The amount of honey may sound like a fair amount for just a cup worth of cake, but cacao is quite bitter and needs to be balanced out. When cooked this dessert isn’t sweet at all. In fact if I was serving for guests I would probably serve with some berries to give it a little more sweetness.

I asked hubby afterwards if it had hit the spot and curbed the craving for him, and it got a big thumbs up. He thanked me and said that he didn’t want to ‘cheat’ on himself by eating the wrong thing, for what he was trying to personally achieve. Sometimes, when you are trying to eat a certain way, your body will fight you. You’ll start craving, going through withdrawals (especially from the sweet stuff), and even feel flat. Most of this will happen in the first week. If you can continue to eat real whole foods and stop those cravings then do so. The size of it means that it’s also a good portion size rather than a ‘slab’ of cake.

All of that aside, this is a quick little treat that you can enjoy…just because.


Paleo Cacao Mug Cake (serves 1)
1 egg
1/4 cup almond meal
2 tablespoons cacao powder
1 teaspoon butter or ghee
1.5 tablespoons honey
Options: you can add vanilla, enjoy life chocolate chips or berries to give this a twist.
Crack the egg into your mug and whisk it up with a fork.
Add all of the remaining ingredients and mix together until combined.
Pour into a tea-cup (remember a mug sized up is a lot larger thank a tea-cup.).
Microwave for 1 minute. If your microwave is a little older or not as powerful you might need to microwave for a bit longer, or until cooked.

It won’t look like a lot of mix, but it will rise when cooked.


The mug and cake will retain heat for quite a while, so these could even be served up for a paleo dinner party when you need to produce more than one. If you are trying to cook more than one at a time you will have to increase the cooking time. I would still cook them for 1 minute at a time, but check them after each minute. I found that if I put more than on in, I would still have to cook it for a total of 1 minute per cup. So if I cooked three at once, the total cook time was three minutes.
It’s perfect with a cuppa, as it is more of a sponge cake than mud cake consistency. I think it could be cooked in some sweet little tea cups for a dinner party, or even something you could get the kids to whip up.

Give it a try, let me know what you think, I love to hear from you.

B x

4 thoughts on “Paleo Cacao Mug Cake

  1. Hey, just enjoying your mug cake. I have to say, I was very sceptical! Made mine with cacao (not cocoa as it states in the recipe) to keep it fully paleo. And it was good! Wouldn’t have it every night because of the high volume of nuts, but it was tasty with some berries as a Friday night treat. I wonder if it would work with coconut flour? Hmmm!
    Loving your work! x

    • Thanks for the great feedback Vicki. They really are surprising aren’t they. It does however state cacao not cocoa, cacao is all we use in our home. Definitely not something you would enjoy every night, but a great treat. I looked at the coconut flour, but it would be very dry even using a very small amount.

    • Hi Rebecca, sorry I’m really not a believer in counting calories, but I tried to work it out on an online calculator for you. Not sure how accurate they are, but it totals 379 calories. Less than a regular chocolate mug cake or cupcake apparently.

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