Paleo Lunch Box Rolls (Nut & Dairy Free)

Lunch boxes…they can be a bit of a nightmare some days. While I am always keen to make grain free alternatives for my children, they still have gluten-free rolls in their lunch box occasionally. There was only one type I would buy, and it became the only type my children would eat. It was full of seeds and looked like a multi-grain roll, but it had absolutely no flavour. It started as a convenience item, and is still just a convenience item (some days laziness).

I have wanted to find and create an alternative for a long time, but each recipe I tried or altered just didn’t cut the mustard. They were too egg’y, too dry, too soggy, had a weird taste and lets face it kids are all about taste and texture. Finally, I’ve found it though. A roll recipe to do away with the convenient gluten-free rolls I was spending a fortune on.


Lets consider the cost for a minute. I was paying $8.50 for 4 rolls that I wasn’t exactly happy giving my children. That’s crazy right. Yet this recipe is made with ingredients that are sitting in my pantry and total about $4 for 8 rolls. Yes, that’s right, it costs me less than half the cost for twice as many rolls! Eating paleo can be expensive in some area’s, but not this one.

The best part is they are nut and dairy free. Yippee! That’s also another hard one to comply with, when all schools are nut free. Oh, and the kids liked them. My youngest is very truthful and quickly let me know with the unsuccessful trials that they were no good. Don’t you just love their honesty? But they are the ones that are eating them, so it had to meet their full approval. Hubby was also a big fan (that’s like bonus points right?).


Paleo Lunchbox Rolls (Nut & Dairy Free) Makes 8

50 gm physillium husks
90 gm coconut flour
25 gm chia seeds
25 gm pepitas/pumpkin seeds
25 gm linseed/flax-seed, plus extra
50 gm sesame seeds, plus extra
15 gm coconut sugar
2 heaped tsp baking powder
1 tsp himalayan salt
3 eggs
400 gm water
2 Tbsp coconut oil, softened


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
In the Thermomix (TM) bowl place the physillium husks for 30 seconds/speed 10.
Add all the remaining dry ingredients and process 10 secs/speed 6. The mix should resemble a nut meal with some of the seeds still visible, or not completely ground up.
With the blades moving on speed 1-2, add the coconut oil,eggs and water quickly. Increase the speed to 7 and mix for 15 seconds.
Bring the mixture together on your Thermomix mat or non stick board. Divide dough into 8.
Roll each portion into a ball and then pat down into round disc shapes about the size of your palm, approx. 1.5 cm’s high (pictured above). They wont rise or expand a great deal, so shape them as you want to see the finished product.
Place them on a lined flat baking tray and cook on 200°C for 25 mins (depending on your oven it could be 20-30 mins so keep and eye on them).
Take them out of the oven and let cool on the tray, then a wire rack.
Slice and enjoy!

– These directions will give a multi/whole grain type of texture to the roll. You can mill the seeds for longer at the start to achieve more of a white bread look. After trying the two, this method is my preferred.
– The recipe makes 8 larger sized rolls, but you can change it and divide to make 10-12 mini dinner sized rolls or 6 longer pita style rolls.
– The coconut sugar helps to give a crust to the outside of the roll. It doesn’t add too much sweetness to the recipe, and could easily be left out.
– I haven’t frozen these to test it, but I would cut them and then freeze them as they may crumble if you’re trying to cut defrosted.


I make up a batch of these rolls on a Sunday evening, usually when I’m cooking dinner, and store them in an air-tight container. They last about 5 days, if kept out of the sun or away from heat. The pantry is ideal.

These aren’t an item that I personally will be including in my lunch time meals. I wasn’t much of a fan of sandwiches growing up (I used to throw them in the bushes on the walk home, sorry mum) and I don’t miss them at all now. However, if you’re looking for something easy to help get you through those lunch boxes, then this is the recipe to try. You might have someone that was a bread lover and is struggling with the switch to paleo. This recipe may be what gets them through, and keeps them on the path. I know that my kids now have a much better alternative to those packet rolls, they are packed with real food ingredients that will fill them up and not upset their tummies.

Brooke x

This recipe is one I have adapted. The original recipe was on the Thermomix community, but I believe that was an adaption of someone else’s as well. 


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