A Grain Free Lunch Box #2

Previously, I have shared with you what my kids like to eat, and even what they take to school in their lunch box. Their diet is probably best described as 80/20, with 80 percent being paleo and 20 percent being gluten-free. I’m trying harder and harder to make sure that that 80/20 becomes 90/10, but gluten-free is still something that’s easier to manage when they are out with friends.


I shared my first Grain Free Lunch Box post here and I thought it was about time for another. There are loads of options that I have shared, that make great alternatives to grain based lunch products. I’ll be sharing what they look like from time to time with the links to the recipes.

Todays lunch box may look a little similar to the first one, but with a few changes.

My Paleo Lunch Box Rolls have been great for the ease and simplicity of having something on hand ready to go. I’ll usually fill them with leftover meat with mustard or paleo mayo (that’s what they like), salad, or a spread I’ve made.


Here’s the recipes for today’s lunch box:

Paleo Lunch Box Rolls
Choc Banana Pudding
Raspberry Muffins

My kids also LOVE hard-boiled eggs at the moment. They are a regular occurrence and possibly add to the huge amount of eggs we go through each week. There’s always a piece of fruit. Seasonal of course, which is oranges today. Then I try to have a vegetable as well. It’s sometimes more of a salad item, like capsicum sticks or cherry tomatoes.

Don’t forget to get the kids involved and ask them what they want. Take some of the ‘chore’ off you. Give them the options and let them choose. They will surprise you sometimes. My boy love to take olives! You never know what you might find your little one likes or doesn’t.

Brooke x


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