Paleo Chocolate Honeycomb Truffle Balls

With the festive season fast approaching (well actually it’s here), these paleo chocolate honeycomb truffle balls are a great treat to take with you to gatherings, or to keep you on the real food path when there are so many temptations in front of you.

It’s a tough time of year. Family will be piling their plates up with delicious food to celebrate the festive season. It doesn’t have to be hard though. Desserts are one thing that can be so tempting. These balls, while perfect for a treat all year round, are decadent that you wont feel like you are missing out. They would also make a nice gift for someone special.


Paleo Chocolate Honeycomb Truffle Balls

1 cup dates
3/4 cup almond meal*
4 tablespoon cacao powder
1 tablespoon tahini
2 tablespoon honey
bee pollen**


Place all the ingredients into the TM bowl (or food processor) and blitz for 10 seconds/speed 9.
Scrap down the sides and process again 3 seconds/speed 9.
Take a tablespoon of the mixture and roll into balls.
Gently roll each ball in the bee pollen and then carefully roll/pat the bee pollen into the ball.
Refrigerate the balls for a minimum of 30 minutes.
Enjoy in moderation.

4 5

*The reason I use almond meal instead of whole almonds is because I want the smooth truffle texture inside the ball. You can of course substitute the meal for whole almonds yourself, but it will change the texture. It’s also a great use for the meal you are left with after making your own almond milk.

**Bee pollen is readily available in good health food shops these days. Some can be priced ridiculously high, so shop around there are affordable ones. Warning: this item may not be safe for consumption for anyone with a bee allergy.

I sprinkle a little bee pollen on my chia pudding or on top of a smoothie. Bee pollen contains high levels of anti-oxidants and can be useful in boosting energy, helping with digestion, aiding the immune and cardiovascular systems.

I personally can only eat one of these at a time, but they are a tasty little treat that I like to share with family and friends.

Brooke x


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