About Me

Welcome to Evolved Paleo, a modern mums take on eating paleo and nutrition. My name is Brooke, and I’m that modern mum. I’m a wife and mother of two (Campbell and Jaime) residing in southern Tasmania, Australia.

In mid 2009 I left the corporate world to try and find balance in my life with work and my family. I started a creative hobby business that bloomed and to this date has continued to support my lifestyle change. I started a blog with the intention to share the person behind the business with its customers. Slowly the blog evolved into more about me and less about my business. I started sharing more of the things I loved…my food. Last year (2013) that food journey took a shift when I decided to make a positive change and give this thing called paleo a go.

In the past I had suffered digestive issues, self diagnosing myself with gluten and dairy intolerances. I had been through the coeliac testing with a negative result, but had had positive results with elimination diets. Just a short amount of time eating by the paleo principals and I knew I was onto something that worked for me. The more I read and educated myself, the more I became passionate about it. So passionate that I wanted to share my easy to make paleo food with everyone. I’ve since decided to continue to further my knowledge and this year I enrolled to study Nutritional Medicine.

I want to re-educate families on how to eat and prepare unprocessed, real food again like our ancestors did. I want to offer simple tools and recipes that can make a big difference to the lives of our next generation, spreading the word on how we all can tackle our deadly obesity and heart disease rates.

You don’t have to follow a paleo lifestyle to enjoy these meals. They are designed to be simple and full of flavour. I hope you enjoy!

Brooke x


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