Paleo Waffles by Danielle Walker (Against All Grain)

Its been many years since I have eaten a waffle, and in fact until the other day, my kids had never eaten a waffle. Go figure! It’s not something that is as big here in Australia as it might be in America perhaps. I’m not sure why that is. I remember having them as a young child when we visited my nan’s, but I think they may have been the packet variety, even though she was a great baker. The last year, though, I have had a need to find myself a waffle iron and make waffles. I’m not sure if its the paleo influence, and all these yummy waffle images on Pinterest, but it was a need I had to fill.2 Continue reading


Paleo Pear & Blueberry Muffins

As many of you have enjoyed your bacon and eggs over the weekend (a daily occurrence in our house), I was trying to come up with a different recipe idea. I won’t ever get sick of bacon and eggs, but it has become my ‘normal’ weekday option. Often, breakfast can be the hardest meal to find alternative recipes for when making the switch to paleo.

Growing up like most other Australian kids I ate my Weetbix just about every morning. I didn’t like it much back then and I can barely look at them these days. Cereal or a slice of toast has become the ‘normal’ start to most peoples days. Its not the normal option, its the convenient one, that we thought was a healthful one. I always thought that the milk with my cereal was what left me feeling a little sick in the stomach, but I know better now.

If you just can’t do without your bowl of cereal to start your day, there are options. Why don’t you try my Toasted Cinnamon CADA recipe here. If you would like to give something different a go, then please try these Paleo Pear & Blueberry muffins. They are delicious and very easy to whip up.

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Paleo Lemon Muffins

The other day I was talking about what my kids eat. I mentioned that I do a lot of baking for their lunch boxes and almost always my baking goodies are Paleo. Though that can be hard. Most of Paleo baking uses nuts; nut flours/meals or nut spreads. With nuts not being allowed in schools, this limits what I can use in baking.

I shared with you a ‘Healthy Paleo Lunch Box’ challenge earlier this year, where I posted 5 snack recipe ideas that were all nut free. If you search for ‘lunch box’ in the right hand menu you will be able to see these suggestions. Even with these recipes, you can easily get stuck for snack ideas that fill up your little ones lunch box, that are healthy and tasty.

So today I came up with this recipe for Paleo Lemon Muffins. I have way too many lemons in my fruit bowl, so instead of letting them go to waste, I baked.

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21 Day Sugar Detox – Update Week 1

Earlier in the week I wrote to let you all know I was taking part in the 21 Day Sugar Detox (DSD) again. After my holiday I felt lethargic, I knew I had eaten gluten free products that weren’t my usual choices. Here’s the original post if you want to take a look.

Today marks day six in my detox and the end of week one, so I’m here to share with you what I have been eating, how I have been feeling and any other things that I have noticed.

Here’s whats been on my plate.






2 eggs poached and 2 rashes of bacon

3 x mini crustless quiches (recipe on blog)

Golden Curried Chicken Stew w cauli-rice

Biltong beef jerky, small handful


Crustless quiche & banana & avocado smoothie (recipe on blog)

4 x mini crustless quiches (recipe on blog)

Surf N Turf: rump steak, prawns, paleo lemon aioli w sweet potato chips

Biltong beef jerky, small handful


Leftover crustless quiche

Garden salad w poached chicken and homemade paleo lemon aioli.

Lemon & Artichoke Crispy Chicken & Root Vegetables (recipe coming to blog)


Chia pudding w banana, walnuts and bee pollen. (recipe on blog)

Leftover Golden Curried Chicken Stew w cauli-rice (recipe on blog)

Chili Con Carne w guacamole (recipe on blog)


4 eggs scrambled in ghee.

Green salad, roast chicken and homemade paleo lemon aioli.

(Out to Dinner) Curry with a little rice.


2 eggs poached, 2 rashes of bacon and a bacon burger

(Out to Lunch) Nachos, no dairy, plain tomato salsa and guacamole.

Roast beef w mustard jus, mashed sweet potato and steamed veggies.

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Mini Crustless Quiches

I’ve written about a family sized crustless quiche recipe before, and theres no surprises that this recipe isn’t much different, but I decided to share with you the mini versions. Here’s my original post if you want the instructions for the full sized quiche.

These mini quiches make the perfect snack, breakfast, or quick lunch option. They don’t take much time at all to prepare and cook. Also, they are something my kids love, hot or cold, in their lunch boxes.

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