It’s A New Year, Time To Set Your New Goals.

It’s that time of year again! Time to reflect on the year that’s been and the new year that lays blank ahead of us. It’s a time to choose how we approach and shape the new year. For me I look forward to the new year and a new fresh start. Living in Australia, the new year also brings our warmest weather, and that itch to be outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Many of you will be making new years resolutions, and others will be picking one word to inspire them throughout 2016. Some will be doing both. Last year I wrote a post about breaking down your resolutions and setting goals that are achievable. You might find it useful to read about that here. Re-reading it, it’s still very relevant.

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Confused Over Food Labelling?

Food labelling can be very confusing for most of us, but it is an important tool that enables us to make an informed choice about the packaged food we purchase. Often food labels contain a lot of information, which is not always well understood. This information, if understood, can be the best way for you to make good food choices though. You need to know what ingredients are actually in the item and how to interpret the marketing spin of manufacturers.

Fresh foods such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, lentils, beans and nuts are not required to carry nutrition information. Also, foods that offer few nutrients, like coffee, tea and spices don’t have to supply this information. However, some producers still will voluntarily. These fresh foods should always be your first option. If you are looking at packaged items though, you need to be able to know what ingredients are in the item and what you want to avoid. Continue reading

Do The Best With What You Have.

I’m just a modern mum (with some old fashioned values) who is trying to cook meals for my family that meet the paleo guidelines. Lately I have heard a lot of talk of what’s paleo and what’s not. Now, I know that sweets and treats really aren’t technically paleo, BUT I’m pretty sure those cavewomen who came across a bee hive would have got stung a few times trying to get a little ‘treat’ of honeycomb for their babies. Its what us mums and dads like to do for our kids.

I think that each individual needs to make the paleo template work best for them. Each persons body will have different requirements to another. I will need to eat differently to my husband and children. Personally, I try to make sure that the ingredients in the meals or treats I’m preparing for my own children are made from real food ingredients, haven’t been highly processed, and don’t contain any hidden nasties. So yes, I will share meals that are aimed at the modern busy family, with ingredients that are paleo approved, but I’m under no illusion that my cavewoman ancestor didn’t whipped them up exactly the same.

Sometimes, I think that we can get caught up in trying to perfect this style of eating and forget why we chose to follow it in the first place. I’m not wanting to carry on about it here, I just want to remind you that its ok to make a dessert using paleo ingredients. Its ok to make a meal that looks like something common in a western diet with paleo ingredients….if that’s whats going to keep you on the path. We are faced with fast food and convenience food just about everywhere we go, and if you need to eat a paleo bar to get through that temptation then do it. If you need to bake a paleo cookie or cake so that your son or daughter doesn’t feel left out, then thats ok. After some time eating this way, you will find that you naturally don’t need those things as much or at all.

Our lifestyles will never let us live exactly like the cavemen did. We don’t have open plains that wide game roaming around that we can hunt. We have bills, work, school, houses, etc. You want to just try to follow the principals and a more real food approach. Try the best with what you have to follow the lifestyle choice you made, for whatever reason. If you can’t source an ingredient at the local farmers market, find someone that sells it from your country at least. If your child will only eat one thing this week, make it using real food ingredients. It doesn’t have to be hard and it shouldn’t be a chore. We want to come together and support everyone that is trying to make a positive change, no matter how small, rather than tell people they aren’t living ‘true paleo’.

I didn’t want to start a rant today. Actually, this just started spilling out in the middle of another post. I think it is important to remember though, that we have outside pressures constantly trying to undermine the choice we have made to eat and live this way. Don’t let them influence you. Don’t listen to the arguments, that if your not doing it 110% its not worth you having a go at all. Any positive change, no matter how small, is a change. Just do the best you can!

Brooke x

Food For Thought – Carbs

I constantly have people telling me they couldn’t eat Paleo. They couldn’t live without their carbs. They love their pasta too much. Really? They love those grain based products, like pasta and rice, that have been processed, have sugars added…. oh and have no taste? These ‘food like’ products are the ones that you want to hang on to and aren’t willing to give up?

Would you eat your spaghetti with nothing on it?

We cover our carbs with flavoursome fats and proteins and talk about how much we love our carbs. There’s no way that we could give them up. But, would you eat them by themselves? Would you eat a piece of toast with no butter or jam? Would you eat pasta with no marinara sauce and meatballs? Would you eat that burger if it was just the bun? Continue reading

Its Been Quiet Around Here.

I’m here to apologise for not being around much lately and sharing some delicious recipes with you. Early last week I hurt my toe at the gym. I accidentally dropping a 20kg plate on the tip of my big toe. It didn’t hurt that bad at the time, in fact I managed to continue my workout for most of the session. On the drive home though, I knew something wasn’t right and it started to hurt a lot.

Taking my shoe off, once home, it didn’t look pretty. So I have spent the week trying to keep my foot up and resting it. I didn’t think it was broken, but it did bruise nicely. I’ve been surprised at how well my body has healed though. I have to put it down to my diet and lifestyle. I don’t think it will be too long and I will be back to good. Continue reading