Paleo Cacao Mug Cake

We have knuckled down and been eating very clean paleo for the past week. Hubby and I both thought we needed to tidy up our eating and concentrate on portions, sweeteners, and making sure that we are getting enough carbohydrates, good fats and proteins. We have both up’d our efforts at the gym in the attempt to tone things up a bit more.

For me, I probably wasn’t getting enough fuel for the demands I have been putting on my body. For hubby, the balance probably wasn’t right and he found himself wanting to snack more. I don’t find these times too hard, but hubby can. He’s done very well so far, but last night he was struggling after ‘one of those days’. He admitted he really wanted some chocolate…the devil sugar monster was whispering in his head as it does for a lot of us. More often than not, we turn to food when we are stressed, emotional or tired. Am I right?

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Whole Orange & Almond Cake (Paleo)

Morning tea anyone? Here is a cake that is easy to make, take with you when friends invite you over for morning tea, invite the kids for a ‘play date’ or similar. It’s very simple.

This recipe is a Thermomix original. I first made this cake recipe when I was a new Thermomix owner. I had recently made the switch to eating paleo, but the rest of the family wasn’t quite on track with me yet. We had family coming for lunch and I needed a dessert that wasn’t going to break the ‘rules’ for me. Funnily, the cake was a big hit with everyone, especially my hubby. I’ve only made the recipe once or twice since, we don’t have sweets that often in our house, but I think it is a lovely cake for this time of the year.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Clusters

There is going to come a day on your paleo journey when you just want a treat. Whether is emotional eating, cravings or the situation you’re in. Whatever it is, the day where you battle with yourself will come. If your eating a balanced paleo diet and getting enough of all the important vitamins and minerals, these days won’t be often. But I won’t lie to you and tell you they never happen.

This little ‘treat’ may be what gets you through, without the regrets and/or repercussions. Lets be clear, it is a treat food and not something I’m suggesting for everyday eating. The nuts in this recipe are a great source of good fat and will sustain you for longer. The chocolate, however, really offers no nutritional value.

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Birthday Celebrations & Cake Time

Its been a busy week or so in my house. My two children happen to celebrate their birthday’s just 10 days apart (who planned that?). Well, there is actually two years between them, but when you are celebrating with friends and family it can make for a busy time.

This year they are reaching the milestones of 10 and 8. The years have flown by so fast, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. They are two of the most special people I will ever have the privilege to meet. It is my honour to watch them grow, develop and support them in becoming the best version of themselves.


They were just a tad younger here.

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Paleo Strawberry Ice Cream

A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to purchase a new ice cream machine. I had had a cheap one years ago that just never worked properly and as a result I never used it. It took up shelf space in my pantry, so I got rid of it. Then when I got my Thermomix I was super excited to try making sorbet and maybe ice cream too. But I never really did. The sorbet was nice, but only if it was eaten straight away and became icy if re-frozen.

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