Holiday’s over…Its Detox Time.

I have just got home from my much needed ‘working’ holiday. I enjoyed 10 relaxing days with my beautiful family in a sunnier place. With my recent study and work load I really needed the break. In that time I did attend the Problogger event, which while crammed full of useful and inspiring material, was two very full on days (possibly a little harder for me as I was in holiday mode). I also managed to take a little time to celebrate my birthday in amongst it all.

I know, I know, my holidays are as busy as regular life lol.

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Paleo Beef Bolognese Sauce

I know what you are all thinking “bolognese, we all know how to make that!” and well you might, but do you know whats in yours? Do you know how much sugar is in it?

If your buying a pre-made jar of sauce or even a tin of tomatoes to add all you are adding is sugar. There might be some thickeners in there as well, but there are scary amounts of sugar in these packaged products. Even in the commonly used Passata there is sadly sugar.

Don’t worry, here is a simple recipe for you and your family to still enjoy this classic.

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Smokey Baked Eggs

Its been too long between posts….

The kids have been on school holidays and as it was the first holidays that I didn’t have to work through preparing for a big event, I was determined just to spend time with the them. We haven’t done anything amazing and haven’t filled in every day keeping busy. We have just been together doing ‘stuff’…and its been great!

As a result though, I’ve been only working as much as I absolutely have too. So posting hasn’t happened. The recipes have still been flowing, so there will be more coming very soon.

Today I made up this recipe at my husbands request. We haven’t ever really eaten baked eggs before, but it was always one of those recipes we thought we would enjoy. So…today we did. Enjoy it that is.1

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Family Day – A Cruise To Peppermint Bay

This time of year can be filled with Christmas events, catch-ups with friends and family, gift shopping and (normally for me) lots of markets. However, today we took time out to spend the day as a family and use a Christmas gift we were given last year (I know, seriously the first chance we have had to use use it).

The gift, a trip for my family of four on the Peppermint Bay Cruise; heading south on a 1.5hr tour, enjoying a four course lunch at the Peppermint Bay restaurant and the return trip home. Here they are waiting to board.

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