Paleo Beef Jerky

My hubby is and always was a jerky lover. When he finally joined me on the paleo journey one of the first things he asked me to make him was some jerky. I’ve made it quite a few times since then. This recipe is a mix of flavours that I always go back to.

This paleo beef jerky recipe is simple to make and is great to have on hand as a snack, whether you’re trying to up your protein, makes snacks that are cost-effective, or just need something convenient to take away camping. It’s also suitable if you are following the Whole30 or 21 Day Sugar Detox (21DSD).


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21 Day Sugar Detox – Update Week 3

Well week three sees the end of my second 21 day sugar detox. To be honest, I’m a little glad that it is over. I knew I was over it the other day, when I realised I was talking myself out of (in my head) having an orange. Not such a big deal really, but it made me think about how many days left and I usually am not even thinking about it.

This week I have been flat out with work and study commitments and it has effected the amount of effort I have put into my meals. Its seen me more salads than I really am happy with. I know though that we all go through these times. So its reassuring to get through it eating as well as I have. I have had to eat out and not all meals have been my usual choices, but they are still good choices where I am able. No matter how you choose to eat, as long as you make the best choices you can then you are staying true to yourself.

Here is what has been on my plate this week:






3 eggs, scrambled

2 x mini crustless quiches

(recipe on blog)

Lamb chops with steamed vegetables


4 eggs, scrambled

Guacamole on salad

Curried tomato soup

Day 16

Chia pudding with banana, walnuts & bee pollen

Leftover curried tomato soup

Asian baked chicken thighs with sautéed pak choy and mushrooms.

(recipe on blog)

Day 17

2 eggs, poached with 2 rashes bacon.

Leftover asian baked chicken thighs with sautéed pak choy and mushrooms. (recipe on blog)

Satay chicken (coconut sugar removed) served with cauli-rice.

(recipe on blog)

Day 18

2 eggs, poached with 2 rashes bacon.

Leftover satay chicken and cauli-rice. (recipe on blog)

Smoked salmon sushi

(out for dinner)
*not paleo, but the best option I had available to me.

Day 19

Chia pudding with banana, walnuts & bee pollen

2 x mini crustless quiches

(recipe on blog)

Roast beef with roasted root vegetables and steamed veggies.

Day 20

2 eggs, fried tomatoes and spinach

Leftover roast beef shredded on green salad.

Lemon & artichoke chicken with steamed vegetables

(recipe on blog)

Day 21

Chia pudding with banana, walnuts & bee pollen

Leftover lemon & artichoke chicken, just chicken.

Lamb ribs with simple garden salad

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Holiday’s over…Its Detox Time.

I have just got home from my much needed ‘working’ holiday. I enjoyed 10 relaxing days with my beautiful family in a sunnier place. With my recent study and work load I really needed the break. In that time I did attend the Problogger event, which while crammed full of useful and inspiring material, was two very full on days (possibly a little harder for me as I was in holiday mode). I also managed to take a little time to celebrate my birthday in amongst it all.

I know, I know, my holidays are as busy as regular life lol.

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The 21 Day Sugar Detox – Week 3 (Final Week)

This week was my final detox week. I felt confident going into the third week that it would be as easy as the first two weeks, and it was.

I talked about cooking a few more of my own meals when I did my week 2 round up, but the week turned out busier than I’d expected, and so sticking fairly close to the meal plan provided in the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook actually helped. When you are time poor having the meal plan and recipes within easy reach can be a huge tool to utilise, to make life easier.

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Detox Time! Road Testing The Practical Paleo 21 Day Sugar Detox.

Wish me luck! I’ve decided to join in and do The 21 Day Sugar Detox. I recently purchased Practical Paleo and The 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites. I was blown away by the extensive nutritional information that Diane managed to cram into Practical Paleo, with tear out info sheets and a complete breakdown of how the body, gut and intestines process food and use it to fuel (or destroy) your body was amazing. I can easily see this book being a bible like reference for many Paleo followers, but also those looking to improve their health with food.

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