Paleo Naan Bread

When I first started following a Paleo lifestyle I didn’t know how good cauliflower rice was and instead set out to find a great naan bread recipe to soak up my curries. I don’t miss bread in my diet. Its things like naan bread that I can do without, but I do miss that something to help soak up saucy curries.

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Confused Over Food Labelling?

Food labelling can be very confusing for most of us, but it is an important tool that enables us to make an informed choice about the packaged food we purchase. Often food labels contain a lot of information, which is not always well understood. This information, if understood, can be the best way for you to make good food choices though. You need to know what ingredients are actually in the item and how to interpret the marketing spin of manufacturers.

Fresh foods such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, lentils, beans and nuts are not required to carry nutrition information. Also, foods that offer few nutrients, like coffee, tea and spices don’t have to supply this information. However, some producers still will voluntarily. These fresh foods should always be your first option. If you are looking at packaged items though, you need to be able to know what ingredients are in the item and what you want to avoid. Continue reading

Food For Thought – Carbs

I constantly have people telling me they couldn’t eat Paleo. They couldn’t live without their carbs. They love their pasta too much. Really? They love those grain based products, like pasta and rice, that have been processed, have sugars added…. oh and have no taste? These ‘food like’ products are the ones that you want to hang on to and aren’t willing to give up?

Would you eat your spaghetti with nothing on it?

We cover our carbs with flavoursome fats and proteins and talk about how much we love our carbs. There’s no way that we could give them up. But, would you eat them by themselves? Would you eat a piece of toast with no butter or jam? Would you eat pasta with no marinara sauce and meatballs? Would you eat that burger if it was just the bun? Continue reading

Chocolate Hazelnut Clusters

There is going to come a day on your paleo journey when you just want a treat. Whether is emotional eating, cravings or the situation you’re in. Whatever it is, the day where you battle with yourself will come. If your eating a balanced paleo diet and getting enough of all the important vitamins and minerals, these days won’t be often. But I won’t lie to you and tell you they never happen.

This little ‘treat’ may be what gets you through, without the regrets and/or repercussions. Lets be clear, it is a treat food and not something I’m suggesting for everyday eating. The nuts in this recipe are a great source of good fat and will sustain you for longer. The chocolate, however, really offers no nutritional value.

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My Whole30 Update

Ok, so I committed to you all that I would update you with how the Whole30 was going for me….well here’s a post with the real truth. I had to re-start. Things were going well, until I had to go away to work and there were NO good food options for me. I had to travel for two days and work at an event with only the food vendor choices that were on offer. They weren’t the best options. Also, we were staying away from home and I didn’t have time or access to making something I could take along with me, so….I had to deviate from the Whole30.

Wondering what the Whole30 is? Here is my original post about taking part in the Whole30 and what it entails.

I didn’t beat myself up about it though. I made the best choice with what was on offer.

Did I then give up or throw the towel in? No. I thought to myself I have two options 1) I can continue on and just add a couple of extra days at the end or 2) I can restart it and continue on with no guilt. My issue with the first option was that it wouldn’t show me the true results. I most likely had a gluten contamination from those meals consumed while away and the results would have been altered by the inflammation etc this would have caused. Option 2 was my best choice. I could restart, and see the real results.

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