10 Delicious Paleo Christmas Gift Ideas

This time of year many people are baking or making tasty little treats to gift or share with family for the festive season. It’s such a lovely thing to receive a handmade gift, something baked with love. That is, as long as it’s not filled with processed grains and sugars.

The festive season can be hard to avoid those foods that you have chosen to remove from your diet. For many people it takes an extra effort to resist. So receiving a girt made with real food ingredients shows the extra care and effort has been put into that gift. Here I have put together 10 recipes that would make great homemade gifts. Things I’d love to receive myself.


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Paleo Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Here is another recipe for you that can be prepared ahead of time, maybe on a big Sunday cook up, or with little time fussing over a hard recipe. It can also be made fairly quickly on those busy week nights. I use most of these spices on my roast chicken to achieve that rotisserie chook flavours, but I have tweeted it a little, with some different spices, and I knew it would be delicious on drumsticks.

When you have a lot of mouths to feed or not a very big budget to spend on your quality meats, drumsticks may be the answer to your dilema. They don’t have as much meat on them, which is why they are often priced a lot cheaper. They still have plenty of meat that is very tender when slow cooked or baked.

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Paleo Glazed Christmas Ham

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Wow, hasn’t that year flown by! This year not much will change on our table to cater for the Paleo eaters. Here in Australia its usually warm so we celebrate with a lot of meats and salads. There will be some changes to the desserts on offer, but I won’t be acting like the paleo police. I’m hoping for a relaxed day, filled with family and laughs. Thats what Christmas is about for me anyway.

This year I wanted to attempt my first glazed ham. My husband grew up always having a glazed ham on the table, as a result he loves ham on the bone. It was something that my family never did, we always had cold sliced ham instead. So, for a few years now, I have wanted to make my own glazed ham for him. This year I have finally organised myself enough to give it a go.

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A Nutty Snack – Paleo Cinnamon Macadamia’s

Thinking of different meal options and snacks can be the hardest part of any eating style, dare I call it…diet. Not only have I chosen to make a healthy choice by following Paleo for my body, but I must make that same choice each time I prepare food.

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Healthy Paleo Lunch Box Day 5 – Coconut Pancakes/Pikelets (nut free)

For my last Healthy Paleo Lunch Box recipe I am sharing with you some plain pancakes/pikelets. As a child I loved visiting my nans house after school where there would be sweet baked treats and fruit from her garden. Of course I was a sucker for the treats, and I fondly remember the buttered pikelets.

While many mums make them, some buy those packet ones full of sugar. This recipe uses coconut sugar but not a lot. This is not a sweet batter, its plain so that you can use your favourite toppings and spreads.

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