10 Delicious Paleo Christmas Gift Ideas

This time of year many people are baking or making tasty little treats to gift or share with family for the festive season. It’s such a lovely thing to receive a handmade gift, something baked with love. That is, as long as it’s not filled with processed grains and sugars.

The festive season can be hard to avoid those foods that you have chosen to remove from your diet. For many people it takes an extra effort to resist. So receiving a girt made with real food ingredients shows the extra care and effort has been put into that gift. Here I have put together 10 recipes that would make great homemade gifts. Things I’d love to receive myself.


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Coconut Ice (Paleo)

At this time of the year there seems to be so many functions, get-togethers and parties it can be really hard to stay on track with your eating choices. Thats why I love those parties where you are asked to bring a plate.

It may seem a chore when life is so chaotic, but at least you know one thing is going to be suitable for you to eat and thats not going to send your kids crazy with all the processed additives.

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