Paleo Cacao Mug Cake

We have knuckled down and been eating very clean paleo for the past week. Hubby and I both thought we needed to tidy up our eating and concentrate on portions, sweeteners, and making sure that we are getting enough carbohydrates, good fats and proteins. We have both up’d our efforts at the gym in the attempt to tone things up a bit more.

For me, I probably wasn’t getting enough fuel for the demands I have been putting on my body. For hubby, the balance probably wasn’t right and he found himself wanting to snack more. I don’t find these times too hard, but hubby can. He’s done very well so far, but last night he was struggling after ‘one of those days’. He admitted he really wanted some chocolate…the devil sugar monster was whispering in his head as it does for a lot of us. More often than not, we turn to food when we are stressed, emotional or tired. Am I right?

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BBQ’d Asian Chicken Thighs

I was after something simple to make for dinner tonight that would take little effort, but would be big on flavour. Well really thats my goal every night; a big payout on flavour, with little effort. Tonight, the solution to my dilemma was BBQ’d Asian Chicken Thighs.

Its summer here, so whenever possible I am using the bbq to cook with. Aside from keeping the kitchen clean (I sound lazy), I can be cooking dinner while watching the kids play outside. You have to love that!

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Paleo Tempura Mushrooms

After a light lunch, tasty snack or an easy entree for your next dinner party? Why not try this simple recipe for my Paleo Tempura Mushrooms.


You all know my love of asian inspired dishes, well here is my newest addition to that list. Its simple, quick to make and only needs a few ingredients to create. What could be easier. My children are also a fan. You don’t need may on a plate, so I personally, wouldn’t make it a for a main meal, but there is no reason you couldn’t impress your vegetarian or vegan friends with this for dinner. Continue reading

Paleo Chicken Tikka Masala

Another day another curry. Believe me, we do eat other meals other than curries, but they are an easy, go-to meal in my house. I have been under the pump of late and starting to feel under the weather, so I needed an easy option tonight for dinner. When you haven’t got a lot of time or energy a curry is the perfect meal.

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Avocado & Banana Smoothie

I realised today that I haven’t shared a smoothie recipe with you…what was I thinking! I usually stick to my favourite protein smoothie recipe, but today I decided to try something a little different. If it worked, I was going to share it with you. If not, well there wouldn’t be this post.

I had something similar to this smoothie at a conference recently, and instantly wanted to make my own. This a usual occurrence when I eat something I like, I try to make my own version of it. I could instantly see the benefits this smoothie would have for filling you up with ‘good stuff’ or more commonly know as good fats.

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