Paleo Beef Jerky

My hubby is and always was a jerky lover. When he finally joined me on the paleo journey one of the first things he asked me to make him was some jerky. I’ve made it quite a few times since then. This recipe is a mix of flavours that I always go back to.

This paleo beef jerky recipe is simple to make and is great to have on hand as a snack, whether you’re trying to up your protein, makes snacks that are cost-effective, or just need something convenient to take away camping. It’s also suitable if you are following the Whole30 or 21 Day Sugar Detox (21DSD).


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Paleo Challenge Day 26 – Nom Nom Paleo Big-O Burger.

Today is Australia Day, our national holiday to celebrate everything that is Australian. All over the world we are associated with the term “throw another scrimp on the barbie”, and today that is a national past time. When you are Paleo though, you are more likely to throw a juicy burger on the bbq.

I do apologise now, if you are a vegetarian. Most of my recipes can very easily be converted to exclude meat and substitute with a vegetable, but this recipes doesn’t I’m sorry. Please look away now.

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