Paleo Chicken Gravy

One of the things that we missed most when my family switched to eating paleo was gravy. Most gravies use a thickener that is grain based, so that was straight away out. We tried a few alternatives, but my gravy loving hubby was especially missing it.

A couple of months ago, I started to experiment and try to make my own paleo version. It took a few attempts, but once I made this delicious recipe several times it never failed. Gravy makes a roast! It just does. Now, you don’t have to miss gravy with your ‘Sunday roast’ anymore.


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Lemon Balls

Today I was given a bag of lemons, so of course I was going to come up with something ‘lemony’ right away. I love lemons. If I was choosing a dessert its always got to be something made with lemons or berries.

We all know balls/bites are super popular at the moment, and rightly so. They can be a great, healthy snack to grab when you are on the go, and the kids love them. These lemon balls are so simple to make and a lovely subtle flavour.1

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Pumpkin & Bacon Soup

The weather is finally beginning to turn cooler as we head deeper into autumn here. With the weather comes the natural desire for warm and comforting food. Soup is often top of that list.

Everyone has a favourite soup, but possibly the most well know and readily loved is pumpkin soup. Now I know, everyone has there own favourite pumpkin soup recipe, but this one has so much flavour and is all good for you.

Pumpkin & Bacon soup

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Banana Balls – A Great Paleo Snack

Wanting a simple snack idea, you can’t go past balls or bites. I’ve done a few ball recipes now; Dried Fruit Balls (nut free), Choc & Fruit Protein Balls, Apricot Bites, and Chocolate Avocado Truffles. They are a favourite in our house, perfect for a healthy snack on the go and for the lunch box.

Today’s version I wanted to use a banana for something different. I had one that really was ripe and needed to be used up quick. So I came up with this little recipe.


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Pesto Crusted Chicken – 3 Versatile Recipes

Food should be all about flavour! Right. One of the most flavoursome sauces to use in your cooking I believe is Pesto. You can pop it on a pizza, toss it through pasta, smear it on meat, use it as a dip and so much more, it was imperative for me to make a Paleo friendly version for my cooking.

So today I searched my usual cooking tool…Pinterest, for recipes to adapt to my own. Here is what I came up with for a Paleo Pesto.

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