10 Delicious Paleo Christmas Gift Ideas

This time of year many people are baking or making tasty little treats to gift or share with family for the festive season. It’s such a lovely thing to receive a handmade gift, something baked with love. That is, as long as it’s not filled with processed grains and sugars.

The festive season can be hard to avoid those foods that you have chosen to remove from your diet. For many people it takes an extra effort to resist. So receiving a girt made with real food ingredients shows the extra care and effort has been put into that gift. Here I have put together 10 recipes that would make great homemade gifts. Things I’d love to receive myself.


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Paleo Chocolate Honeycomb Truffle Balls

With the festive season fast approaching (well actually it’s here), these paleo chocolate honeycomb truffle balls are a great treat to take with you to gatherings, or to keep you on the real food path when there are so many temptations in front of you.

It’s a tough time of year. Family will be piling their plates up with delicious food to celebrate the festive season. It doesn’t have to be hard though. Desserts are one thing that can be so tempting. These balls, while perfect for a treat all year round, are decadent that you wont feel like you are missing out. They would also make a nice gift for someone special.

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My Whole30 Update

Ok, so I committed to you all that I would update you with how the Whole30 was going for me….well here’s a post with the real truth. I had to re-start. Things were going well, until I had to go away to work and there were NO good food options for me. I had to travel for two days and work at an event with only the food vendor choices that were on offer. They weren’t the best options. Also, we were staying away from home and I didn’t have time or access to making something I could take along with me, so….I had to deviate from the Whole30.

Wondering what the Whole30 is? Here is my original post about taking part in the Whole30 and what it entails.

I didn’t beat myself up about it though. I made the best choice with what was on offer.

Did I then give up or throw the towel in? No. I thought to myself I have two options 1) I can continue on and just add a couple of extra days at the end or 2) I can restart it and continue on with no guilt. My issue with the first option was that it wouldn’t show me the true results. I most likely had a gluten contamination from those meals consumed while away and the results would have been altered by the inflammation etc this would have caused. Option 2 was my best choice. I could restart, and see the real results.

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I’m Doing The Whole 30!

Lately there has been a few too many sweet paleo treats on my plate. With two kids birthdays in a week, I am feeling the effects of sweet treats. You all know that I am fore paleo treats over the grain and refined sugar versions, but they should be in moderation. My moderation has been a little off whack.

So, to get things back on track I’m going to do a Whole 30. I haven’t done this program before, and want to give it a go, road test it if you will.


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I’m back and I’m all fired up!

I’m back! Its been a tough few of weeks juggling an increased work load with my business, but its demands on me are coming back to normal and I can get back to life. Yay!

I haven’t been waisting my time though. Any chance I could get I was learning from podcasts, health summits and video interviews with an array of health professionals. It might sound crazy to be so busy and want to keep including these tools, but nutrition and health is my passion and I want to learn as much as possible.

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