Asian Chopped Chicken Salad

Now, I know its been a while between posts. Study, work, and family have certainly kept me busy the last year. 2017 is shaping up to be no different.

I started this year with so many commitments eating up my time, that I have to look at being more efficient where I could. I have started meal planning to make sure that I’m not wasting foods (pet hate of mine) and that I’m not spending more money on groceries than I should be. After our mortgage, food is our biggest expense in my household.

So, I got busy planning, and coming up with some new recipes. This one was one of them…


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Raw Broccoli-Slaw Salad

This summer I am challenging myself to experiment with salads. I’m the type of person who is quite happy to have a simple garden salad, no dressing, every day…but I understand not everyone in my family feels the same. So I’m making an effort to make different salads, experiment with flavours, and not stick to my ‘norm’.

It’s also a great way to add more vegetables and fruit to your diet. As well as I eat, I still struggle to eat my daily recommended intake. So here is the first of hopefully a few new salad ideas I’ll share with you.


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Paleo Friendly Camping Foods.

We are heading off soon on a camping trip with friends, including 9 kids. Its become an annual trip. We head to some of the most gorgeous places around our state and enjoy getting back to basics and spending time outdoors having good old fun.

So I’ve been planning and preparing food for the trip. When your Paleo you aren’t happy to just pick up some processed convenience food on the way. Some extra thought needs to be given to the supplies you take. There will be a lot of bbq’d meat and salad for sure, but hopefully there is lots of freshly caught seafood to throw on the grill as well.

Just a sample of this gorgeous state.

So I thought I would share with you some of the recipes that I prepare to take with me, to keep everyone fuelled on. With lots of kids, snacks are a must. Especially when they will be spending all their time swimming, running, digging, exploring, and riding bikes (I’m sure there will be more). Thats a lot of energy that will need to be replaced.

Here is what I am planning to make and take this year:

Big O Burgers – wrap them in a lettuce leaf with tomato, avocado and some paleo mayo…my favourite.
Marinated Rump Steaks – I freeze the steak once marinated and then once defrosted its full of flavour.
Lots of Eggs & Bacon – nothing better than the smell of bacon first thing in the morning.
Chunky Monkey Muffins – these are a great snack, but are also fun for a breakfast alternative to bacon and eggs.
Choc & Fruit Protein Balls – instant burst of energy for busy little people.
Dips – make an easy small lunch option.
Paleo Mayo – perfect for topping those big o burgers and grilled meats.
Basil & Spinach Pesto – to liven up some salads or even to flavour some of that freshly caught seafood.
Dehydrated Fruit – is a great snack, easy to carry and store while camping and light to take if out for a walk.

There’s more I’m sure, but these seem to be my staples to take. I will include the essentials like salt, pepper, lemons and asian five spice, which all add lovely flavours to seafood. Lets hope they are lucky, I’m looking forward to that freshly caught squid and fish, but we will have plenty if lucks not with us.

I don’t mind taking all the food, or even doing a lot of the cooking. At least I know I wont regret any of the food choices I am making, and I will know how the food was prepared.

When we get back I’ll share some of the highlights for you. In the mean time, make sure to keep trying those Paleo Challenge meals and let me know what you think of them.

Brooke x

FMS Photo A Day Update – Fail

I have been missing in action a little the last week. My time was consumed with a local market that I coordinate, took place on the weekend. It will hopefully be taking up a lot less of my time from now on. I’m gradually shifting the direction of my commitments to those that I am really passionate about at the moment, and thats my studies and my blog. Sharing with you the ease of living paleo and the benefits.

In an attempt to continue to do that, I set myself the task for September to take part in Fat Mum Slims photo a day challenge. Except I was going to put my own spin on it and make each of the prompts refer to my food. Well, I gave it a go….and I failed!

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21 Day Sugar Detox – Update Week 2

This week is week two of my 21 Day Sugar Detox. It has been another busy week for me, with a lot of meals having to be quick or pre planned. I don’t think I referred to the 21 Day Sugar Detox books at all this week. I think this is purely to do with me trying to make quick meals with the ingredients I had on hand.

Here’s whats been on my plate the last week.






 3 eggs, scrambled                                          

Leftover roast beef  

Asian chicken thighs with caulirice & steamed pak choy & mushrooms (recipe coming to blog)


3 eggs, poached & 2 rashes

Smoked salmon sushi rolls
(no rice)

Asian dumpling balls in beef bone broth

Day 9

Chia pudding with banana, walnuts & bee pollen

Warm pumpkin, spinach, caulirice salad with walnuts

Dukkah lamb chops with homemade paleo coleslaw (recipe for coleslaw on the blog)

Day 10

CADA – Coconut, Apple, Dates, & Almonds

Guacamole on garden salad

Meatballs with zucchini pasta/noodles (recipe on the blog)

Day 11

 Scrambled eggs, tomato, bacon, & chives. Plus banana smoothie.

Guacamole on chicken salad

Chili Con Carne w guacamole (recipe on blog)

Day 12

Chia pudding with banana, walnuts & bee pollen

Grilled chicken breast with garden salad

(out for lunch)

Salt & pepper grilled calamari with tangy garden salad (out for dinner)

Day 13        

2 poached eggs, bacon, spinach and hollandaise sauce (out for breakfast)

Homemade potato wedges

Paleo pizza with varied toppings (recipe on the blog)

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