FMS Photo A Day Update – Week 1

So I was telling you here how I have challenged myself to take part in Fat Mum Slims (FMS) Photo A Day Challenge for September. However, I am taking it one step further and I have to use her daily prompts to inspire a photo using healthy food.

Well I have made it through the first week. I haven’t missed a day (my biggest challenge). There were a few days where I had to really think about it though, but its been fun. I won’t be winning any photography competitions thats for sure, but my aim to to make people just look at a different option, a healthier one.

So here is my recap of the first week…

1 02

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Paleo Challenge Day 29 – Salt n’ Pepper Calamari

My family love squid! Its my sons most favourite dish and he’ll order it anytime we go out. Here is a light Paleo version of salt and pepper calamari that is cooked often at our home.

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Paleo Challenge Day 28 – How To Roast & Carve Your Chicken.

Today I’ve decided to share another ‘How To’ with you. Roasts have always seemed to be one of the simplest and tastiest meals to me, no wonder they become regular features on a Sunday (or any day).
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Paleo Challenge Day 26 – Nom Nom Paleo Big-O Burger.

Today is Australia Day, our national holiday to celebrate everything that is Australian. All over the world we are associated with the term “throw another scrimp on the barbie”, and today that is a national past time. When you are Paleo though, you are more likely to throw a juicy burger on the bbq.

I do apologise now, if you are a vegetarian. Most of my recipes can very easily be converted to exclude meat and substitute with a vegetable, but this recipes doesn’t I’m sorry. Please look away now.

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Paleo Challenge Day 21 – Taco Salad

I haven’t shared a lot of salads, as I think that its pretty straight forward that they are easily made Paleo. There is one salad that has to be shared though. Before turning Paleo, taco’s would be a weekly occurrence in my house.

They were a great meal to whip together for the kids on those busy sports nights or when you wanted to serve up something healthy but had little time or energy. They still do happen, but now the rest of the family have gluten free white corn tortillas and I use lettuce cups for mine.

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