10 Delicious Paleo Christmas Gift Ideas

This time of year many people are baking or making tasty little treats to gift or share with family for the festive season. It’s such a lovely thing to receive a handmade gift, something baked with love. That is, as long as it’s not filled with processed grains and sugars.

The festive season can be hard to avoid those foods that you have chosen to remove from your diet. For many people it takes an extra effort to resist. So receiving a girt made with real food ingredients shows the extra care and effort has been put into that gift. Here I have put together 10 recipes that would make great homemade gifts. Things I’d love to receive myself.


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My Journey To Hypothyroidism (Under-active Thyroid)

As many of you know I have been studying nutritional medicine for the past 16 months, with the end dream of being a qualified nutritionist when I get through it all. As part of my recent studies of diseases I was looking at a personal passion of mine, autoimmune diseases. One of these diseases really hit home with me. The more I read the more I was ticking a list off of symptoms, and I was convinced that my day-to-day life was being affected by my thyroid.

This wasn’t a new theory for me. My annual trip to the doctor (I really don’t go to the doctor that often), generally sees me donating some blood for thyroid testing. It generally comes back fine or within the ‘normal’ range (0.05 – 4.0) and so the symptoms are put down to something else. It wasn’t until recently with my studies that I found out the general thyroid test only looks at one area of the thyroid and may not be thorough enough to get all the answers.

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Do You Eat As A Family?

Do you eat your meals together as a family?

Since our children were small we have made a conscious effort to eat our meals together. Especially dinner at the end of the day. My husband and I began this habit as we thought it would be a good way to start a routine.

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Paleo Challenge – Who’s Interested?

Today marked 6.5months of me eating Paleo and feeling great!

In recent weeks I have had so much interest in my recipes that I share and lots of positive feedback about people trying Paleo meals and loving it. It got me thinking…

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Why I Choose Paleo (The Ugly Truth).

Many of my friends and people I talk to ask me why I choose Paleo. My standard answer is for my health; how good I feel when I am not putting grains and processed foods into my body. There are other benefits, and Paleo is hard work to stick to some times, but it’s nights like last night that I am reminded the effort outweighs the consequences.

What I’m going to share is the personal side of what many people with a condition for example like a gluten intolerance would call a ‘symptom’. A symptom in medical terms may be described as ‘A sign or an indication of disorder or disease, especially when experienced by an individual as a change from normal function, sensation, or appearance.’

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