Paleo Asian Baked Meatballs

The other day I shared my recipe for my Paleo Sweet Chilli Sauce, a great dipping sauce made with all paleo compliant ingredients. Well, here is the recipe that I served it with when I was asked along to a ‘bring-a-plate’ night with friends.

These paleo asian baked meatballs are quick and easy to make, and use common fresh ingredients in most paleo homes. The flavour is subtle and not over powering, so the kids can enjoy them too.


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Paleo Chicken Gravy

One of the things that we missed most when my family switched to eating paleo was gravy. Most gravies use a thickener that is grain based, so that was straight away out. We tried a few alternatives, but my gravy loving hubby was especially missing it.

A couple of months ago, I started to experiment and try to make my own paleo version. It took a few attempts, but once I made this delicious recipe several times it never failed. Gravy makes a roast! It just does. Now, you don’t have to miss gravy with your ‘Sunday roast’ anymore.


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Paleo Asian Lettuce Cups

Looking for a light mid week meal? Perhaps something you can serve to friends at a dinner party, or as an entree? Then you should try these super easy paleo asian beef lettuce cups. This light meal can be enjoyed as is or as part of a banquet.

My love of asian dishes does not cease. I am always looking for a new way to enjoy the flavours. As the weather warms here, I want lighter meals. I don’t want the heavy comfort food so often enjoyed in the cooler, hibernating months of winter. Though light and easy, I still want to taste those same flavours. This meal ticks those boxes.

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BBQ’d Asian Chicken Thighs

I was after something simple to make for dinner tonight that would take little effort, but would be big on flavour. Well really thats my goal every night; a big payout on flavour, with little effort. Tonight, the solution to my dilemma was BBQ’d Asian Chicken Thighs.

Its summer here, so whenever possible I am using the bbq to cook with. Aside from keeping the kitchen clean (I sound lazy), I can be cooking dinner while watching the kids play outside. You have to love that!

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Slow Cooked Lemon & Garlic Chicken Drumsticks

Its winter here, and the cold weather has hit. Naturally when the temperature drops we look for warm, comforting meals and they don’t have to be unhealthy.

We are a busy family, and just because its winter doesn’t mean things slow down here. I often don’t get home from running around with the kids until dinner time. So, I have been consciously trying to use my slow cooker on those late nights, to have healthy meals waiting for us when we get home.

This recipe was inspired by my love of asian flavours and a culmination of a few recipes I’ve cooked recently.

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