Paleo Meatball Subs

One day my hubby came home and requested this recipe, and playing the good wife I obliged. It’s not often he requests a specific dish, so I’m usually happy to make it for him. I had actually been meaning to try making these paleo meatball subs for a while, and it’s not dissimilar to my basic meatball recipe you can find here.

As some of you may know, hubby and I have been doing a Whole30 since the beginning of January 2016. It has been a lot easier than I thought it would, and although it hasn’t been as easy for him, I’ve been really proud of how he has stuck to it. So when he came to me asking for me to make up this recipe, which is Whole30 compliant, I’m going to serve it up and keep him on track.

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My Whole30 Update

Ok, so I committed to you all that I would update you with how the Whole30 was going for me….well here’s a post with the real truth. I had to re-start. Things were going well, until I had to go away to work and there were NO good food options for me. I had to travel for two days and work at an event with only the food vendor choices that were on offer. They weren’t the best options. Also, we were staying away from home and I didn’t have time or access to making something I could take along with me, so….I had to deviate from the Whole30.

Wondering what the Whole30 is? Here is my original post about taking part in the Whole30 and what it entails.

I didn’t beat myself up about it though. I made the best choice with what was on offer.

Did I then give up or throw the towel in? No. I thought to myself I have two options 1) I can continue on and just add a couple of extra days at the end or 2) I can restart it and continue on with no guilt. My issue with the first option was that it wouldn’t show me the true results. I most likely had a gluten contamination from those meals consumed while away and the results would have been altered by the inflammation etc this would have caused. Option 2 was my best choice. I could restart, and see the real results.

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Paleo Curried Cauliflower

 My recent post sharing my recipe for Smashed Sweet Potato with Garlic Aioli was very popular. Its drool worthy on its own, but it is also a very tasty side dish. I decided I needed to share some more side dishes with you.
This dish was inspired firstly by my families love for curries, and secondly by my need to give the cauliflower a new twist. We eat cauliflower quite often, usually its steamed or as caulirice. Its delicious, but lets face it, cauliflower is a very plain flavoured vegetable. This dish gives it flavour and makes it the star of a meal instead of the boring addition.


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Oven Baked Paleo Sweet Potato Crisps

Often the paleo snacks on offer are all sweet. Catering for the sweet tooth’s who struggle to give up the refined sugar treats they are used to eating, and need a paleo alternative. I’m guilty of it, but here is a savoury recipe for all the crisp or chip lovers out there. Those of you that are missing that crunch.

I’ve tried many times in the past to get the sweet potato chip just right. Often it was still soft in spots, and while delicious, just didn’t hit the spot. These crisps do. They are perfect for dipping at parties, munching on while watching movies, or adding a crunch to a salad.

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Mediterranean Chicken Drumsticks

A style of cuisine that doesn’t get cooked often in my house is mediterranean. I’m not sure if its association to pasta and carbohydrate laden meals is the reason. In truth, Mediterranean meals are more often than not filled with fresh fish, meats, and vegetables. Pasta isn’t eaten with every meal, believe it or not.

So, I decided to use some of these flavours tonight to come up with a hearty healthy family meal. The qualities that I believe mediterranean cooking is all about. I have only just starting eating artichoke in the last couple of years, I’m so glad I did. If you have never tried it before, please give it a try. In this recipe the flavour is subtle.


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